Finding the Right Literary Agent is Easy!

  But it's so hard to convince them that you're right for them ! Ah, those hours you spend on the query! Researching websites to find who is looking for what you've written, then making sure you follow their submission guidelines perfectly, and then.... the wait. OH, and a bit later, the realization that you spelled the agent's last name wrong.  I had an agent once. She was absolutely great, and she loved my novel  Of Zen and Men .   But before she could place it with a publisher, she quit to do something else. Disappointed and discouraged, I decided to step off the agent track and publish under my own imprint,  Big Table Publishing Company.     So how is it actually done? How do we get the nod from these elusive creatures who are like wild deer: beautiful, mysterious, don't want to be approached, don't wish to be called or texted? Any sudden moves, and they bolt! Or worse, don't bother to reply to your e-mail.   I wish I had the answer! But even if I did,